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Valentines Day

Forgot to post this art piece here cause I barely check on this website anymore. lol
I had recently finished the latest season of Miraculous Lady bug I had to draw something for V-day.

Sweet Tea Cookie

I worked for a while on this one and am more proud of the coloring than anything.

Sweet Tea Cookie belongs to tkayparty 💕

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In case anyone was wondering how I feel about The State of Things right now

ghostmoor -

iiiif you want to put this on your body or your belongings you can buy it here and the money will go to people doing good work here in the UK and in Chile

gloria, will you just decide?
gloria, there’s easier ways to die
gloria, have you had enough?

- gloria (the lumineers)

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These drawings are kinda old but its finally time for them!!

Sweet Honey Ice Tea

Made my own cookierun character a while back and finally draw her out. This is Sweet Tea Cookie.

finally made ref sheets for my boy!

Intober Stuff

Just a few drawings I did for inktober. Didn't really get to finish the month long challenge but I did what I could. ^^;

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Drawn for nbbrycefieland on Tumblr as part of a Sketch Request tier on my Patreon. Designing that outfit was so much fun :D

Autumn in '72

art trade with someone on twitter.

i really missed clip studio.

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Bad Habits

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a little hero to protect your blog

Artists Stats

This was an artist meme going around some time ago on Twitter. Thought it would be fun to share my stats here too. Still got a lot of practicing to do, but I think I've gotten a lot better than befor !

Romantic Flight

This is a redraw of an old piece I did back when I first started watching CriticalRole. Back in the first champaign.

Vexhalia and Percy having a lovely romantic joy ride on her broom. :3


Big soft husband, big soft HUSBAND 💕

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some art i did of my friends' dragons, Mandevilla and Olivia! i have commissions open on flight rising where i design gijinkas for dragons so if you're curious message me either on flight rising or on my tumblr, where i also have non-fr commissions open!!

Adorable Wizard

Wizard cookie is so adorable!!!

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//claps hands together// I'm very excited to show you my oc tonight- been meaning to upload her for a while but artblock(tm) - quick info below

Her name is Quinton, mix native american, tall as shit, bout 3rd year in highschool. she's into wrestling and she's so determined to win championship

she loves making people smile, makes someone day if theyre down. always make a witty jokes, even when their embarrassing for others but what can they do

should really write her bg but i suck at writing hh

Wizard Cookie

so I’ve been playing this one app game...

im really happy with how this turned out!